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Java Programming Exercises


In order to be able to put the knowledge you learn from the Java articles it's important to put into practice your newly found Java skills. These programming exercises give the opportunity to further the understanding of using Java syntax by working with Java code. Firing up your favorite Java IDE and coding Java programs is the only way to build the foundation of a good Java developer.
  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Loops
  3. Switch Statement
  4. Methods

Basic Concepts

This is a mixed bag of simple questions that look at basic parts of programming the Java language. Each question focuses on a small area of Java syntax.


Having to repeat a piece of Java code is common in most Java applications. These exercises aims to test your knowledge of the various types of loops by using them with hex & octal numbers, random numbers, and code points.

Switch Statement

These exercise make you apply decision making using a switch statement. To make things more interesting there's a couple of question around creating and reading a simple code.


This section of questions looks at using object methods. You'll need to be able to use loops, create arrays and be able to work out some nifty logic to produce the answers.

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