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What Is Netbeans?


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Netbeans IDE:

NetBeans is a sophisticated integrated development environment that aims to help developers build any type of application.


Netbean's origins stem from a university project in the Czech Republic. In the late 90's it was acquired by Sun Microsystems and became an open source project.



Netbeans needs JDK 5.0 update 14 (or higher) and runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows. Note that Netbeans 6.5 has recommended hardware configurations.




The philosophy behind Netbeans is to provide an extensible IDE that provides all the tools necessary to develop desktop, enterprise, web and mobile applications. The ability to install plug-ins allows developers to tailor the IDE to their individual development tastes.

There are various bundles that can be downloaded dependent on the primary programming language you use (e.g, Java SE, Java SE and JavaFX, Java EE). Although it doesn't really matter as you can pick and choose which languages to program with through the plug-in manager.

Highlighted Features:

  • Swing GUI Builder: drag and drop Swing components to build an application's GUI.
  • Profiler: track the speed and memory usage of an application to help identify bottlenecks and memory leaks.
  • Developer Collaboration: developers can work together on open-source projects through tight integration with Project Kenai.
  • Netbeans Platform: APIs are provided to help make desktop applications easier by handling some of the more common tasks (e.g., menus, window management, file access).
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