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PIE Theory

Learn JavaFX by Playing PIE Theory:

PIE Theory is a game designed to encourage the learning of JavaFX. By following the story line on the PIE Theory website you will see a paranormal investigation unfold through the use of JavaFX.


March 2009


Sun Microsystems, Inc



At the PIE Theory website you'll be introduced to the resident Paranormal Investigation Experts (PIE) Baron Rude and Hector Macchiato. They believe they have stumbled upon a crucial theory concerning man's technological advances. Every time a significant leap forward happens, referred to as a JUMP, it is preceded by unexplained and down right weird events. Coincidence? Well, that's for you to decide by helping the dynamic duo untangle the meaning behind mysterious events.


Registration to play the game is free. After registering you'll be asked to download a recruit kit to join the PIE team. The kit contains the JavaFX SDK, Netbeans 6.5 and the JavaFX production suite.

The Challenges:

The website is updated frequently with Rude and Macchiato's progress into the unexplained. They upload photos, videos, links to weird occurrences and blog about what's happening. Every so often they come across a clue – something that needs to be investigated.

Investigation takes the form of downloading a netbeans project which contains JavaFX code. The challenge will be to tinker with the code in order to understand the clue and perhaps find the answer to what's going on.

Be prepared to figure out a lot of stuff on your own and always read the README file in the downloaded projects! If you run into trouble check out the website's forum for help.

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