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Learn About the Basic Building Blocks of Java

Find out how Java programs are structured, store data, control the flow of your code, and work with objects.
  1. Control Flow (6)
  2. Handling Exceptions (4)
  3. Input/Output (9)
  4. Java Error Messages (36)
  5. Understanding Data Types (11)
  6. Utilizing the Java API (14)
  7. Working With Objects (8)

Java Is Case Sensitive
When coding in Java it's important to remember that Java is case sensitive. Here are some tips to avoid common case sensitivity pitfalls.

Reserved Words in Java
Here you will find a list of words that you cannot use as identifiers in a Java program.

Using Java Naming Conventions
Using standard Java naming conventions will increase the readability of your code and make it easier to maintain.

Java Comments Using Implementation Comments
Enhance the readability of your programs by using Java comments.

Using Command-line Arguments
Command-line arguments can be used to configure an application by passing one or more parameters to it on its launch.

The Fundamental Building Blocks of Java
It's not possible to achieve anything with Java until you understand the fundamentals of the programming language. Here you'll find all the basic building blocks brought together to build the foundation needed to become a successful developer.

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