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JavaDoc creates documentation about an API based on comments in the Java source code. The output produced from the JavaDoc tool is HTML. For example, the JDK 7 API documentation is created using JavaDoc.

The comments in the Java source code are written with HTML tags (to add formatting) and use block tags for the various documentation sections. The comments must be written before the class or method they are describing. For example, part of the comment used to generate the documentation for System.out is:

	* The "standard" output stream. This stream is already
	* open and ready to accept output data. Typically this stream
	* corresponds to display output or another output destination
	* specified by the host environment or user.
	* <p>
	* For simple stand-alone Java applications, a typical way to write
	* a line of output data is:
	* <blockquote><pre>
	*     System.out.println(data)
	* </pre></blockquote>
	* <p>
	* See the <code>println</code> methods in class <code>PrintStream</code>.
	* @see java.io.PrintStream#println()
	* @see java.io.PrintStream#println(boolean)

It uses the @see block tag to fill in the See Also section of the documentation.


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