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Not Sure Where to Start? This is the Place for You

Before you jump straight into programming applications, it’s a good idea to learn a little about the Java language and what it has to offer. By following the articles in this section, you will be ready to create your first Java program.
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What Is Java?
Find out what Java is, who created it, and why people choose to program with it.

How Do I Start Learning Java?
A common question is where do I start when faced with learning the Java language. Find out my thoughts here.

Java Platforms
Java technology recognizes that developers build different applications based on the differing needs of their users. Discover the various editions of the Java platform available to developers.

Java and the Mac OS X
Things are a little different for Java developers on the Mac OS X. Find out how Java fits in with Apple computers.

Download and Install the Java SE Development Kit
Step-by-Step instructions on how to download the latest version of the JDK.

Install the Java SE Development Kit
Step-by-Step instructions on how to install the latest version of the JDK.

Disabling (or Enabling) the Java Plugin in a Browser
Find out how to disable (or enable) the Java plugin in your browser.

Creating Your First Java Program
Are you ready to start programming in Java? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to write, compile and run Java programs.

The Structure of Java Program - Hello NetBeans World
A basic look at the structure of a very simple Java program. This article gives a beginner a starting place for understanding the way the Java syntax builds to make a Java program.

Beginner's Guide to Using an IDE Versus a Text Editor
To learn Java you need somewhere to write your programs. Here's a guide to using an IDE versus a text editor.

Java 7 (and beyond) and the Mac OS X
Since Java 7 the stewardship of Java has passed from Apple to Oracle

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