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Code Points (Part II)


Level: Beginner

Focus: Loops, Code Points, JOptionPane

Code Point Question (Part II)

This programming exercise is an extension of the original code point program. As mentioned in that solution, the System.out.print method uses the default character encoding of the operating system. This means that the System.out.print method will struggle to print the characters for most of the Unicode code point values.

For this exercise I want to show that Swing doesn't have that limitation. Take the Java program you created for the previous code point question or the one posted on the solution page and modify it to display the characters using a JOptionPane.

The question is what characters are displayed in the dialog for the range U+3041 to U+309F?

Note: your operating system might not have a font that's capable of displaying the characters. In windows XP/2000 you can add additional fonts through Regional Options in the Control Panel. Under the Languages Tab there are options for installing supplemental East Asian language support.

To get the most out of this question try and figure out the answer before coming back to read the solution on the next page.

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