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Time to Move On

Monday November 11, 2013

Time seems to be increasingly scarce these days so it's time for me to move on from the Java site.

If you're interested in becoming the Java person for about.com have a look at the be a guide page for more details.

Java SE 7 Update 45 Released

Thursday October 17, 2013

Java 7 Update 45 has been released and the JDK is available to download from Oracle's Java download page.

The release notes show this to be a security fix release. There are 51 new security fixes as outlined in the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory for October.

The Adopt OpenJDK Program

Thursday October 10, 2013

Last week I mentioned the Adopt a JSR program but there is another JUG led initiative which is also working hard to make Java the best programming language it can be. The Adopt OpenJDK program aims to get the Java community involved in the process of creating the JDK itself.

From the Adopt OpenJDK team:

"As of Java 7, OpenJDK is the Reference Implementation (RI) for Java. In essence, the OpenJDK is the Java we use every day! With legal and technical barriers become smaller every day, it is now more possible than ever to get involved in the language and VM that we all love."

The main goals of the OpenJDK program are :

  • Lower the technical barriers to allow developers, JUGs and organisations to get involved in OpenJDK
  • Improve the Java, the language and the platform
  • To promote OpenJDK in the wider Java community
  • Broaden the base of contributors to OpenJDK

If you want to involved in the ongoing development of Java and learn some new skills at the same time, check out the Adopt OpenJDK program and the projects they're currently working on.

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Still Building Java Robots

Sunday October 6, 2013

I just saw an old favorite, Robocode, has released another update for the programming learning game. Robots in Robocode have been battling away since 2001 and it's not likely that they'll stop anytime soon. If you've not come across Robocode before, it's a fun way to learn how to program in Java.

Sometimes when you're learning a programming language, you need a project to get your teeth into to keep you interested. What better way than to build a robot that blows up other robots? If you're squeamish, don't worry, as all the robots get put back together before there's any chance of them being blown up all over again.

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Playing a Simple Chess Program

Sunday October 6, 2013
Chess Program

I've been sent a simple chess java applet written back in 1999. The owner wants to modify it slightly to add a bit more feedback and track the moves it makes.

Even though it was updated last to run with Java 1.3 (and some method calls have been depreciated) it doesn't take much to stick it into a new NetBeans project to get it going with the latest JDK.

It's also a pretty good chess player although I've yet to find the difficulty setting..

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The Adopt a JSR Program

Monday September 30, 2013

If you're a member of a Java User Group (JUG) you might be interested in getting them to look at the Adopt a JSR program. It's to encourage the Java community to get more involved with Java Specification Requests and for individuals to enhance their CV whilst learning something new.

The reasoning is that JUG participation will lead to:
  • Standards getting earlier feedback
  • Standards getting 'end user/developer' input
  • Standards get developed faster as JUGs can help with some of the heavy lifting of building Reference Implementations (RI) and Technical Compatibility Kits (TCK)
  • JUGs can help with the management of the open source project that springs up around a JSR (managing mailing lists, triaging issues etc)
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Java SE 7 Update 40 Released

Friday September 13, 2013

Java 7 Update 40 has been released and the JDK is available to download from Oracle's Java download page.

The release notes show there are a number of bug fixes and a few new features and enhancements including the Deployment Rule Set - enables a desktop administrator to establish a company-wide whitelist to control the Java applets and Java Web Start applications allowed to be run by users.

JDK 8 Developer Preview Build

Friday September 13, 2013

JDK 8 has made it to the Developer Preview milestone. This is the build release for developers to be able to give the new features in JDK 8 a spin.

There are a number of features included in JDK 8 as can be seen on the JDK 8 features page of the openjdk project.

JDK 8 is scheduled for general availability on 18 March 2014.

All About Strings

Saturday August 31, 2013

Let's have a little recap on the String class by looking back at some String articles - The String Literal looks at how String values can be created, The String Class is an overview of working with Strings and Manipulating Strings look at some common String processing using String class methods.

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Creating a Simple Table Using JTable

Wednesday July 31, 2013

The JTable class provides a quick and easy way to display data in a table format in a Swing user interface. Find out how to display a simple table of data using a couple of arrays and a table model to act as a data manager in How to Create a Simple Table.

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